Wind Ensemble-Lesher
Welcome to the Minutemen Instrumental Music Program

Welcome students, parents, families and friends, to a very special year of instrumental music at Concord High School. It’s a special year for many different reasons. The Boosters, our Leadership Council (IMLC) and I have worked extremely hard over the summer to create a school year unlike any other. This year will focus on unity within the ensembles and the programs. Unity, that focuses on greater family/friend involvement in the program. Unity, the focuses on reconnecting with student/ family alumni.

2014-2015 Walk Through Handbook Final.pdf - Adobe Acrobat Pro

“All as part of my own personal celebration as I reach the important milestone of 10 years of teaching and service at Concord High School and the City of Concord. I am proud to be the Director of Instrumental music and be able to continue the legacy and tradition of one of the finest music programs in Northern California”.

Furthermore, we are returning to our roots as the marching band and auxiliary continue in competitions, but also to explore the history of the original minutemen musicians at the battle of Concord where our battle for independence began. I have written a Minutemen Independence Medley with three unique pieces of music. The first titled “The White Cockade” which was played as the minutemen marched to the north bridge at the battle of Lexington and Concord. The second is an incredible march by John Phillip Sousa titled “Hail to the Spirit of Liberty” written at the request of the French government to be perform in Paris on July 4th, 1900 as a tribute to George Washington and Marquis de Lafayette and  the dedication of their statues. Finally, we are closing with “the Royal American Medley”, which includes a traditional melody that is heard all the time by fife and drum ensembles in civil war music. With that being said, we are also marching fife and drums this   year as part of the competition season.

All other groups will be focused throughout the year on small mixed ensemble performance, composition, music and instructional videos, and the entertainment industry. Details of these events will evolve throughout the year. What can be said is that all of these activities were some of the most highly successful activities by my former students over the last ten years. Each activity will be unique to each ensemble. The small mixed ensembles will involve students from across the various ensembles. Compositions will be performed in class or in concert. Music and instructional videos will be a year- long project that will bring various talents from within the ensembles to create masterful videos. Finally I am bringing in various speakers and clinicians from the art, music and entertainment industry to discuss the industry that is a part of all of our lives. I invite every parent and family member to get involved or stay involved with the program. Without your continued involvement as parents and chaperons, the students don’t have the support and guidance that’s critical during the year. Involvement also includes active participation in the booster organization and the always critical need for fundraising. Unfortunately, without money, we can’t continue to be one of the finest programs in Northern California that provides so many experiences for the students. If we are to continue to be successful, we need students who love being in the program and want to make a difference in their community, create and accomplish great things within the program, and fulfilling their individual dreams. There is a reason why we are and have always been the most successful organization and class act of Concord High School, and it is the family that we call the Concord High School Instrumental Music Program.