Concord High School, PO Box 2114, Concord, CA 94521
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About the Program

The Concord High School Instrumental Music Program encompasses the following groups and ensembles:

Our Guiding Principles

  1. We are respectful and accepting of everyone.
  2. We are always working, constantly learning, and progressively growing.
  3. We are a class act, everywhere we go, representing the Minutemen.
  4. We are present, here and now, living for the moment.
  5. We are a team. We are a family. We are strong as one.


Goals for the time of distance learning: MUSIC AND COMMUNITY

    • Through these unprecedented times, we will think innovatively in order to create an educational online-experience through music.
    • Ensembles will be performance based and students will be focusing on their individual musicianship. Students will be given all necessary musical exercises and repertoire to aid them in their musical studies from home.
    • When allowed and all necessary precautions are taken, students may be given the opportunity to go on campus to participate in short, small-group, physically-distanced sectionals (completely optional). This time will give Mr. Lejano and other staff members the opportunity to administer at least some in-person instruction, that way when students go back home and join rehearsals on zoom, they can feel more confident.
    • The staff are still working on creative ways to have a performance at the end of the semester, whether that be by doing individual recordings and creating a virtual ensemble, live-streaming small group performances, or doing some sort of out-door physically distanced concert. Although all ideas are being entertained, we will ultimately decide by doing what is both best for students in their experience, and the health and safety of families.
    • This pandemic has necessarily led to social isolation. However, fostering relationships and being a part of an organization are some of the main components of a comprehensive high school experience. The parents of the booster board will work to keep up communications with families during this time.