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While you’re away…

Hey CHS Instrumental Music Family!

I’ve created a Google Classroom for each ensemble. Please tell your student to add themselves to their respective ensembles. Here are the class codes:

Jazz Ensemble I: pvdln4w

Jazz Ensemble II: mwyjaef

String Orchestra: brpjz3c

Symphonic Band: m72ksfx

Within each classroom, there is a listening playlist as well as their first assignment. It’s a recording project! 🙂 In addition to submitting the assignment for grading, students will be posting finished recordings to the classroom stream so other students can view videos and give comments. I’ve also encouraged students to post their finished assignments to our Facebook page so you all can have the pleasure of seeing students play music!
This assignment is pretty demanding (playing their entire festival set in front of a camera with the professional recordings in the background) so I figured it could keep a majority of students busy for 3 weeks. Due date for all recordings is Friday, April 10th.
If you or your student have any questions, please feel free to message/text/email/call and I’ll get back to you quickly (during this time, teachers are checking emails and other forms of communication constantly to be a resource to students; reach out!). Also, if your student needs any extra support or challenges during this time, let me know. Good luck!

-Mr. Lejano

P.S. I’ll be posting 1-2 live concerts a week for students to listen to and engage with. Concerts will be anywhere from 30-60 minutes long. How about I post them on the Facebook page as well so parents/friends/families can also watch? Our page is a closed group, so if you’re not a member, search CHS Minutemen Music and join. Make it fun! Put it on a big screen with some nice speakers, watch it with your student, or even the whole family! (I promise I’ll choose enjoyable concerts!) You can even answer the questions too in the comments, or just leave comments saying things you noticed, what you liked. I’m sure everyone will dig the first concert I post this week… #SnarkyPuppy

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