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Important Message From the Board

Hello CHS Music Families,

We hope you and your family are doing well and staying safe during this shelter in place.  We miss seeing all of you in person and watching our kids make wonderful music and we are looking forward to the next time we can meet together in real life.  Since the remainder of our Booster meetings for this school year will not be able to take place at school, we are going to be taking care of some important business online. 

The main goal for our April meeting would have been to find nominees for our 2020-2021 executive board and our vote to approve those nominees would have taken place at our May meeting.  Fortunately, we have some wonderful members who have stepped up to be nominees for all of these roles, however, if you would like to be a part of the board next year, many of these positions would be greatly helped by having a co-chair, especially Ways and Means and Hospitality, so we welcome any additional members who would like to help! The roles that need to be filled for next year are:


Be a liaison between the Boosters and the Band Director

Creates the monthly agenda and runs the monthly Executive Board, General Meetings and any other meetings that might be necessary.

In charge of the Band Picnic the day of Walnut Festival

Part of the Finance Committee to set the budget for the coming year.  

At the request of the Band Director, responsible for getting chaperones for the various band events (excluding the big annual trip)

Responsible for filling any needed roles within the organization

Make executive decisions for the program.  (I know this sounds vague but I have had to make some on the spot decisions to try and protect the program, help out a family, etc, without discussing with the entire board first.)

Selects the nominees for the next year’s executive board.

Be a direct point of contact for any family with questions or issues they may have.

Vice President

Coordinates March-a-thon

Assists President and other roles when needed


Collects items from mailbox in band room 2-3 times per week

Records all contributions in a register 

Records shares contributions and reductions in register

Tracks all contributions for events 

Makes copies of contributed checks received for records 

Deposits all contributions to bank

Receives invoices and reimbursement forms and writes checks to pay vendors or reimburse board members who have spent their own $ on items for events, comps, etc

Enters into register

Files all invoices and deposit slips to give to bookkeeper at end of school year

Shares budget vs actual at booster meetings

Provides updates at booster meetings and to families upon request 

There are several thousand transactions per school year approx 6-8 hours per week depending on time of year 

Ways and Means

Create avenues in which all of the student and parents in the program can help generate extra funds for our program.

  Make sure to have copies of all flyers, sign-up sheets and dates at every booster meeting.  Work with communications board member to put announcements in weekly e-mail and webmaster to put flyers , information on our website.

Create a sign-up sheet at walk-thru for parents to sign-up to help in various areas—many parents are willing to help out—they just need to be asked.

Below is list of what we do throughout the year—many are easy and quick to do on the computer.

Help out during Music events when needed even if not in your job description-if possible—( competitions, music performances at school, Dinner showcase, Awards Banquet ect…)

  Bi-monthly dining out fundraisers

              Choose the place you would like and then go on-line to set-up the date and times- 95% of the places do this to set-up dining out.  Many small owned businesses you will need to talk directly to the manager.

   See’s Candy sales 1-2 times per year—you decide.( Christmas and Easter)

   Car Washes / Bake Sales :are set-up through district website have to apply for a permit.—you choose the dates and times that work for you—then put sign-up sheet in Band room for students to sign-up and parent to donate baked items and or water. Work with treasurer on how to split the money earned amongst participants.( June—July—August)   CHS only allows one per month so get your dates in asap especially in the summer.

  Santa’s Breakfast: work with Applebee’s to set-up time and date for the event. Seek donations for the raffle prizes.  Put up sign-up sheet in bandroom and on sign-up genius for parents and students to help out.

  Tamale Sales:  Once per year—you decide the time and date of the sales.  Contact business in Sacramento for due and pick-up date.  Create order sheet —put in band room for students and have extra copies at

Concord Carnival Pizza and Water Booth: get permit from City—then work with Carnival Coordinator on location of booth.  Create a sign-up genius and paper sign-up sheet in band room for students to volunteer to work and parents as well.  Contact owner at Bambinos to let them know the dates of the carnival and estimated pick-up time for pizza.  ( Food Vendor tent is in the Booster Shed )

Clothing Fundraiser: coordinate with business on the dates of the fundraiser and delivery of items.

Other possible fundraisers: 

Community Garage Sale—find out when your community is doing their annual garage sale—if possible use your garage for the sale. These usually happen in April/ May.

Mixed Bag Fundraiser:  Fall/ Spring—on-line only.

Casino Bus:  new ( Fall might be the best time)


Coordinate families to provide snacks, drinks, and meals for events, and competitions

Coordinate families to provide snacks and drinks for band camp in August

Create sign-up sheets and online signups when necessary for families to sign up for food donations and volunteer opportunities. 

All executive board members attend monthly board meetings which take place at 6:00pm on the same nights as our 7:00 booster meetings.  Board members also step into help out at events and help other board members with their roles when needed.  If you are interested in being on our 2020-2021 board or if you have any questions, please contact Jesse Phalen at papaphalen or 925-437-2626.

Until we can see each other again, please take care and please keep sharing online what you and your families are doing during this time.  It is so wonderful to hear your kids practicing and just see everyone’s faces.  We miss all of you and we hope to see you again soon!

Thank you,

The CHSIMB Executive Board

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