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Happy Holidays!

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to our Concord High School Instrumental Music Families! I hope you and your loved ones are healthy, safe, and well during this holiday season. With an unprecedented year came a unique final performance for the semester. Instead of a virtual ensemble concert, the students in our program each performed and produced their own musical gift for a friend/family member. During these dark times where it may seem hard to find any light, students were simply asked to create projects that would “make a person’s day”. Each student chose a special person to dedicate their project to, chose a song which they thought their dedicated recipient would enjoy, and learned the song on their own. In addition to successfully learning to perform the song, the students practiced recording, audio editing, video editing, and all other skills related to developing artistic media content.With over 100 students in the program, this meant over 100 projects were produced and over 100 people in our CHS community were given the gift of music during these tough times. It is our hope that their spirits were lifted by these completely student-made productions, and that yours are too.Enjoy this playlist which features just a few of the most entertaining projects from this semester! I’m sure you’ll get a kick out of some of the wonderfully creative and humorous ideas students came up with! (I know I did. I’m smitten. These students are FREAKING TALENTED!!!!) Here’s the YouTube Playlist:…I’m so proud of your students for their enthusiasm through the distance learning format, willingness to try new things, and most importantly, their resilience in the face of an unprecedented challenge. I love and miss you all so much, and look forward to the day we get to smile, laugh, and make more memories together around music. I hope these student-made musical gifts bring you so much joy on this Christmas morning. More musical gifts to come next semester


Happy holidays everyone!


Martin Lejano, M.A.Ed.

Director of Instrumental Music

Performing Arts Department Chair

Concord High School

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