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Clean Up Event 5/26 – 5/29

Concord High is holding a CLEAN-UP event next week.Tuesday, May 26th – Friday, May 29th from 12 noon – 4PM everyday. Please click the following link to find out which day you should be coming to the school:

Next week’s clean-up will also include instrument/music/uniform/tux/gown drop-off! Please read the following carefully to see how this clean-up pertains to our program.
Location: The Instrumental Music Program will be holding our portion of the clean-up event in the Multi-Use Room. It should be your FIRST STOP when you arrive to campus. Students are to enter through the front doors of the MU w/masks on. Once all necessary items are checked in/out, students will walk back out the front doors and proceed to the rest of the clean-up event. Proper social distancing protocols must be followed throughout the duration of a student’s time during the clean-up event.
Instrument:- Seniors with a school instrument will be dropping off and saying goodbye to it :(- For Juniors/Sophomores/Freshman, if you are using a school instrument, you must bring your instrument to be checked in then checked back out so you can practice over summer. We need the check-in so we can update the instrument catalogue. Also, some of you may be changing instruments for next year, based on seniors’ returned instruments, what other instruments are available, and next year’s ensemble instrumentation.
Music:- EVERYONE is dropping off their music and CHS music folders. There will be bins designated for each ensemble. If in multiple ensembles, please have your music separated by ensemble and ready to drop off (music will be sorted out at a later time).
Marching Band Uniform:- Seniors: please drop off complete uniform. If you borrowed marching shoes, bring those back too. If you bought your shoes and would like to donate them to future marchers, it would be greatly appreciated!- For Juniors/Sophomores/Freshman, hold onto your uniforms until next year. Please make sure it is hung up and being taken care of!
Tuxes/Gowns:- Seniors: if you bought your tux and gown but would like to donate it back to the program for future students, that would be greatly appreciated! (if I’m being real, you should donate it. I promise you, for the purposes of adult formal attire, you’ll want something nicer than our tuxes/gowns! Probably won’t find much use for them outside of concerts for high school band/orchestra/choir)- Seniors: if you borrowed a tux/gown from the program, please drop it off.- For Juniors/Sophomores/Freshman who borrowed a tux/gown from the program, hold onto it until next year. Please make sure it is hung up and being taken care of!
Many of the general questions about the CHS Clean-Up Event can be answered by clicking the link at the top. If you have any other questions, please contact Mr. Lejano.


Martin Lejano, M.A.Ed.

Director of Instrumental Music

Performing Arts Department Chair

Concord High School

(925) 682-8000 ext. 3330

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