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Cancelled: Saturday Luncheon and all school events until after Thanksgiving break

A message from Mr. Lejano

Hello CHS Instrumental Music students,

I know that we had planned for a get-together this Saturday in place of Fairfield’s TOC, but due to the air quality progressively getting worse, I unfortunately have to announce that we will cancel this Saturday’s celebration at the school.

I am so greatly appreciative of all the work parents were putting in to celebrate our hardworking kids, especially our seniors in the program. However, the school is shutdown (for good reason) and if we’re to hold an event there, that would be compromising your safety and I can’t do that in good conscience.

I hope you’ll understand that all of the cancellations of everything that was going to happen this week (MDUSD Jazz, Fairfield TOC, senior celebration) were not decisions made lightly, and we as parents and educators care so much about creating fulfilling experiences for you as students. But right now, California is on fire, the air quality is extremely poor, and the safest place for you to be is with your families, indoors at your homes.

Seniors, do not worry. I PROMISE that your end of the year senior-celebration will more than make up for this event being cancelled. I have some ideas up my sleeve… And after all, the itinerary said it’s going to happen. It laid out every detail of your lunch. I don’t know what crazy weird guy wrote that, but we can’t let it go to waste.
(p.s. please edit: instead of ‘2:07PM – Alex is rad’ it should say ‘All day, everyday – Alex is rad’).

I know a lot of events which we look forward to during this time were cancelled, and I apologize for that. But when you think about what is going on across the state right now, the fires and the millions of lives being affected, I believe we still have a lot to be grateful for.

I hope you all have an amazing thanksgiving break, full of peace, love, and family. I’ll see you when we get back.

Mr. Lejano

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