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Campus Open for Supply Pickup – Tuesday 3/24

REMINDER!!!Tomorrow, Tuesday, March 24th, the school will be open from 1-3PM. Here are some things that are being taken care of at this time:

  • If you have no access to a laptop/desktop at home, Principal Pfaltzgraff will be checking out chromebooks to students
  • If you forgot your instrument/music/something in the bandroom, you can quickly grab it

Please only come to the school if you need to handle one of these things, and do so quickly while maintaining 6ft of distance from anyone. This may be the final time school is open for a while so take advantage if necessary.**LASTLY, if you did not receive Principal Pfaltzgraff’s call/email, we wanted to let students know that they ARE EXPECTED to complete assignments which are being given to them. All of your teachers are staying on top of communication (email/google/texts/etc.) so if you have any questions/concerns, let them know. They’ll be able to help you.With that said, please let me know if you need anything. I’ve been making phone calls all day to students/parents (wonderful to hear your voices!) and will continue making phone calls the rest of the week. Stay safe!

-Mr. Lejano

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