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“Leadership: the act of doing good things for other people”

The Instrumental Music Leadership Council exists as an opportunity for young students to develop their leadership abilities. This group of student leaders, elected by their peers, carry out various responsibilities to serve the music program. Tasks include leading rehearsals, moving equipment, organizing/distributing music, handling social media for the program, leading fundraisers, promoting unity, and all other student-led jobs necessary to create a successful music organization. The council meets monthly to plan for upcoming events, discuss program goals, and learn about leadership and life skills.

Concord’s Instrumental Music Program prides itself on producing the next generation of leaders for our community.

Past members of the IMLC include current educators, policy-makers, healthcare professionals, and world-class artists, all making an impact on the world in their own right.

2018-2019 IMLC Members

  • President: Brenda Parra
  • Vice President: Paul Diaz
  • Communications: Charlene Cordero
  • Senior Representative: Megan Householder
  • Junior Representative: Raniero Sernaque
  • Sophomore Representative: Isabella Lejano
  • Equipment Manager: Cory Delanoy (Head), Alan Diaz (Assistant)
  • Librarian: Shane Barrows (Head), Anna Weires (Assistant)
  • Orchestra Representative: Dennis Lozano
  • Jazz Representative: Alex Theisen
  • Symphonic/Marching Band Representative: Gabe Guerrero
  • Drum Major: Kenyon Kremin
  • Assistant Drum Major: Ethan Balagtas
  • Woodwind Captain: Jay Mosley
  • Brass Captain: Colton Gauer
  • Percussion Captain: Max Frengs