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Volunteering at the Blue Devils Bingo Game every Friday night is our main fundraising activity. It is located at 4065 Nelson Avenue, Concord, CA.

Here’s how it works:

  • We have an arrangement with Blue Devils Bingo in Concord: Every Friday night we provide 12 volunteers to staff their popular Bingo facility. By doing this, we earn money for our program.
  • Some of the money goes directly into your Family Shares Account. This can be used to offset the cost of your student’s uniforms and extracurricular experiences (like this year’s trip to perform at Disneyland!). Some families have covered the entire cost of their student’s trips by regularly volunteering at Bingo.
  • New families only have to put in 4 hours the first quarter; then, 6 hours per quarter after that.
  • You’ll be trained by a seasoned band parent your first time out. Generally, you will be selling Bingo cards and games to the players.

Bonus! If you participate each quarter your child is in the program, your students will be eligible for a Band Boosters college scholarship when they are a senior, as long as your family has contributed a minimum of 6 volunteer hours per quarter throughout their years at Concord High.

  • Every month we have a drawing–Families who work Bingo have an opportunity to win a $25 gift card from our Scrip Program.
  • We also have a Quarterly Lottery for any family that volunteered at Bingo 6 or more hours per month during a fiscal quarter. At the end of the quarter, one name is randomly drawn during our regular Booster’s meeting to receive a $100 deposit in their Family Shares Account.

Bingo Positions

  • Game Assistant 1–Hand out Bingo game cards to the players. No walking needed. (2.5 hour shift)
  • Game Assistant 2–Hand out Bingo game cards to the players. Work the Special Games cashier (4 hr/15 min shift)
  • Floor Walker–Sell mini game cards to players for various games. Requires walking & cash handling. (3 hr. shifts starting at 5:00, 5:30, 7:00, and 7:30)
  • Special Games–Sell Special Bingo games. Responsible for balancing a cash drawer, credit card sales. Requires walking. Must work three floor walker shifts prior to training. (6 hr. shift)
  • Flash Cashier–Sell various mini game cards to players. Responsible for credit card sales and paying out winning game players. Requires walking. Must work 3 floor walker shifts prior to training. (6 hr. shift)

Sign Up

At the beginning of each quarter, you’ll get an email from the Instrumental Music Program with a link to, where you can select your volunteer dates and shifts. For first dibs on shifts, attend the Booster meetings (at 7:15 the first Tuesday of the month) and sign up there!

Fiscal Quarters—Our four quarters of the fiscal year are as follows:

  • Q1—August, September, October
  • Q2—November, December, January
  • Q3—February, March, April
  • Q4—May, June, July

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